Marin NHD Local

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Marin NHD Local Workflow - all steps in single post




Workflow for Marin NHD Hydrologically Modeled Flow Line Development




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Marin NHD Local Introductory Sections

Marin NHD Hydrologic Flow Line Creation Procedure
version of 2014.07.04

Introduction I.
Background to the workflow

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Abstract of Marin NHD Workflow


California: Marin County workflow, processing from LiDAR-derived terrain to yield candidate polygon features for Watershed Boundary Dataset HUC-16 and HUC-14 and networked flow line edge features for National Hydrography Dataset Local Resolution.


Marin NHD Local Resolution - documentation

Welcome to the reference documentation for Marin National Hydrography Dataset-Local Resolution. This site contains the detailed methods used to identify surface and near-surface flow features. This also includes some creeks.

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